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Cornucopia3D • View topic - Posting in The Forum: Guidelines

Posting in The Forum: Guidelines

A forum for all you brave souls who fear not the world of scripting. Explore and share ways to expand Vue’s capabilities and features.

Posting in The Forum: Guidelines

In order to help things run smoothly and efficiently here in the forum, we've written up some guidelines for your reference. Please read them thoroughly and check back often, as changes or additions may be made. These are not intended to be arbitrary restrictions, but rather to make the Cornucopia3D experience as good as we can.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. :D

Posting images in the forum:
Remember that many users may still have 1024 wide monitors, so be considerate when posting images and try not to post them wider than 800 to 1024 pixels wide. We understand many of you have larger screens these days, but let's not forget everyone else!

Posting version info in post:
Please include your Vue version when you post your question. Especially now with both version 5 and 6 users out there, we have many "flavors" of Vue in active use. While some issues are the same for all versions, many questions, problems, solutions, features... are going to be unique per version. It's more efficient and helpful for those answering posts to know what version one has without having to ask it each time and this will mean that an answer should be obtained more quickly as well.

In short, when posting your question or problem, be sure to inlcude your Vue version. It can be as simple as a post script. "I'm running V5I" or "6 Esprit user”.

In addition, if the question has relation to the OS, it would be helpful to mention the platform on which Vue is running - Win or Mac and the version. Such questions would be file directory questions, installation issues, extra content installation, etc.

Again, thank you for your cooperation on these issues, happy rendering! :D

Nick Attrell
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