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Cornucopia3D • View topic - using 'SetSunAzimuth'

using 'SetSunAzimuth'

A forum for all you brave souls who fear not the world of scripting. Explore and share ways to expand Vue’s capabilities and features.

using 'SetSunAzimuth'

I am trying to set the sun's position with SetSunAzimuth() and SetSunPitch(). If I simply try
'SetSunAzimuth(180)' I get a reply "name SetSunAzimuth' is not defined".

I reasoned that perhaps these functions need to be referred to, so I tried things such as "VuePython.EONAtmosphere.GetSunAzimuth()". But that results in meaasges such as:
"unbound method GetSunAzimuth() must be called with EONAtmosphere instance as first argument (got int instance instead)".

Unfortunately, my knowledge of python is extremely basic. Can anyone tell me how I make Vue understand these 'set' commands so I can pass paraneters to them?
This post: May 06, 2017


J. Gert van Dijk
Posts: 14
Joined: November 03, 2005

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