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Cornucopia3D • View topic - Animators needed to augment one of the first 8k pilots

Animators needed to augment one of the first 8k pilots

This is the forum for those who just can’t keep still. Get help and share your knowledge on producing smashing animations with Vue.

Animators needed to augment one of the first 8k pilots

Hi guys & gals,

The group I work with needs animators to augment post for one of the first 8k pilots. The completed project is expected to be 21 ~ 25 minutes max. We expect it to have at least 3.5 to 4 minutes of 3D and compositing in a longer scale. I will post a link at the bottom to show you what this is about.

We are based in Long Beach, California, USA. We are using the latest RED Weapon Helium and RED Epic-W 8k cameras for this production. Everything is captured, edited, color corrected (DaVinci Resolve Advanced system) and distributed in full 8k resolution (You could also view it at 2k thru 8k on your computer, YouTube and other platforms). The finished product will be mastered in Dolby Atmos 22.5 channels of audio as well. Therefore, your animations needs to get rendered at full 8k specs to be composited. We would provide you with 8k plates and clips to do this. It is a low budget production at this time.

If you do NOT have the capabilities of rendering at 8k, we understand. We encourage you to send us the master animation file fully rigged and assets properly linked and conformed to 8k specs so that we could render them in-house (yes, we are capable in rendering massive files with our in-house HPC [Hi-Performance Computer] platforms & cloud based render farm).

Quite a few large companies had shown interest in what we are about to do. If and when it gets picked up by a distributor, they'll use the same team/s for their main production thus you'll get paid when they get paid. It is called "deferred spec payment option" in the industry. If you are selected, the group would ask you to sign an "Non-Disclosure Agreement (aka a NDA). Thereafter, you sign another agreement to get compensated if and when the production gets the "Greenlight" from a studio or gets financed.

Please send your resume or website, blog, reel, or whatever you have done to: puke_hilak@yahoo.com

I will then present them to my superiors and they'll contact you if they like your work. Please note there is NO compensation monetarily disbursed on the work for the pilot. However, you will get full screen credits and IMDB credits once the production is completed. You are also, invited to the (RSVP ONLY exclusive) premiere screening in Hollywood, California, USA if you wish to attend.

So, please join us and be a part of creating history in this industry.

Thank you,



P.S. Please tell your friends to join in creating and supporting this movie.
This post: July 19, 2017


Puke Hilak
Posts: 1
Joined: July 19, 2017

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