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The Force Awakens - Submit your image

The Force Awakens!

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..."

The story begins with a light saber that is lying on the desert planet of Jakku just waiting for a mysterious someone to retrieve it.

War is still raging in the Galaxy with Star Destroyers and The Millennium Falcon.

It has been 30 years since the Rebel Alliance's victory and some of our old characters are back along with some new ones ready to fight the empire.

"It's true... All of it... The Dark Side, the Jedis... They're real!"

This contest is for all the Star Wars fans out there that want to use their 3D skills and create an image reflecting the wonders of this epic masterpiece.

This is a generic Star Wars fan art contest, your artwork doesn't have to be themed only on the Force Awakens (Episode 7) movie!

Judging performed by Industry Legend!

For the first time this contest will be judged by an industry legend rather than the C3D/e-on admins.

Please welcome Paul Huston, Senior Digital Matte Artist at Industrial Light & Magic.

Paul is the only VFX artist who has worked on all 7 Star Wars movies!

Paul Huston joined Industrial Light & Magic for the first "Star Wars" film doing work as a story board artist and modelmaker. Since then he has worked at ILM as a modelmaker, cameraman and visual effects art director. He has worked extensively with the ILM matte department throughout his career and has played an integral role in the transition from traditional matte to digital matte painting.

Huston has earned two Emmy Nominations and an Emmy Award for Highest Achievement in Visual Effects as a digital matte artist for "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles"; and in 1993 won an Association of Independent Commercial Producers/Museum of Modern Art (AICP/MOMA) Production Design Award for his work on British Petroleum's "Elevator".

In addition to all the "Star Wars" - including "The Force Awakens"- and "Indiana Jones" movies, Paul's Art can be seen is such movies as "Jurassic World", "Avengers - Age of Ultron", "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", "Noah", "Pacific Rim", "Star Trek Into Darkness", "The Avengers", "The Great Gatsby", "Star Treck", "Ironman", the 3 last "Pirates of the Caribbean", "War of the Worlds", "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", "Gangs of New York", "Jurassic Park" and many, many more...

In 2003 he received the Visual Effects Society - Best Matte Painting in a Theatrical Motion Picture Award for his work on StarWars Episode II : Attack of the Clones.

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

With prizes from Cornucopia3D and e-on software the 3 winners will receive several thousands of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

1st place:

First Runner Up:

Second Runner Up:

  • VUE xStream 2015
  • PlantFactory Producer 2015
  • 1 year CClub Membership
  • VUE Complete 2015
  • PlantFactory Designer 2015
  • 1 year CClub Membership
  • VUE Esprit 2015
  • PlantFactory Artist 2015
  • 1 year CClub Membership

  • Winner (1st place)


    Take One by Rob Wildenburg

    First Runner-up (2nd Place)


    Hoth Aftermath by Jefferson Lim


    Awesome work on imperial ship!
    By Alessandro Mancini (2016-01-08)
    Thank you Alessandro! (I'm a big fan of your portfolio) :-D
    By Jefferson Lim (2016-01-08)
    Thank you Jefferson, it's always nice to hear it! Gongrats for your win, well deserved!
    By Alessandro Mancini (2016-01-08)

    Second runner-up (3rd place)


    Hidden base by Maciek Sikora_1

    Honorable mention


    Being A Star Wars Fan by Adrian Baker_1


    Great render and impressive modeling skills. I also use LightWave but my modeling experience is not very ample.
    By ralf maeder (2016-01-08)
    Thank you! I am chuffed that my image was chosen as an honourable mention, great work by the top 3.
    By Adrian Baker_1 (2016-01-09)
    I love this image - my favorite of the contest!
    By James Carey (2016-02-06)

    Other entries:


    Check out all the contest entries here! See how different artist's images were inspired by the contest theme; how they used interesting concepts and what technical challenges they faced. If your image didn't win this time, you can still take away some great ideas that can make the difference for you next time.

    So be prepared for the next contest and challenge the winners!

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