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3D Environment Competition 2014 - Submit your image

Create an image of any kind of environment!

Images can be in any style and genre, realistic or imaginary, as long as the natural environment is visually predominant. You can use imported objects and figures, but keep in mind that the judges will focus primarily on the quality of the 3D landscape.

Tip: If you don't own any of our products you can still use any of the free VUE Personal Learning Edition, VUE Artist Trial Version, or VUE Pioneer to enter the competition. You may also use Plant Factory, Carbon Scatter, Ozone, and LumenRT or their respective PLEs and trial versions!

For more information on the 3D Environment competition 2014, please click here!

Winner (1st place)


Subtropic by Alen Vejzovic

First Runner-up (2nd Place)


Forgotten by Vishw

Second runner-up (3rd place)


Deep Jungle by Maciek Sikora_1

Other entries:


Check out all the contest entries here! See how different artist's images were inspired by the contest theme; how they used interesting concepts and what technical challenges they faced. If your image didn't win this time, you can still take away some great ideas that can make the difference for you next time.

So be prepared for the next contest and challenge the winners!

Recent Contests:

Recommended screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (best view: Firefox 3, Safari 4, Chrome 9, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10 or higher).