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Game of Thrones Fan Art Contest - Submit your image

At Cornucopia3D, we're big fans of the TV show Game of Thrones, so we decided that it would be nice to run a little art contest around the series: the Game of Thrones Fan Art Contest!

Imagine yourself in a world where direwolves run through the forest; where hordes of riders on horseback race across a sea of grass; where you can stand on top of a wall of ice and see forever.

Houses, raiders, usurpers, warriors, knights and kings; this is the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, the masterful epic creation of George R.R. Martin!

From hamlets to stone towers, tents to exotic domes, we invite you to imagine the worlds of Westeros and celebrate the work of a master of fantasy writing.

Create an image of a landscape of that world as you see it, or the seat of one of the Houses of the Seven Kingdoms. You could illustrate an epic battle, a coronation, a journey, or one of the cities of this would. Even create your own House if you are adventurous enough! The only limit is your inventiveness and vision.

We have provided some links to information on the books and the TV series for inspiration, but we ask that you do not replicate any imagery from copyrighted sources; rather, use your own creativity and have fun!

Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

With prizes from Cornucopia3D, e-on software and 5 of Cornucopia3D's top vendors, the 3 winners will receive several hundreds of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

1st place:

First Runner Up:

Second Runner Up:

PS. We know the Game of Thrones words are "You Win Or You Die", but if you don't win here, you'll still have a good time!

Contest Rules:

  • - Postwork is allowed; however, you must state what postwork has been done.
  • - Images must be uploaded to the contest gallery.
    Please take your time when uploading your image and select the correct gallery. Images uploaded to the incorrect gallery will not be considered.
    Cornucopia3D staff can not upload or otherwise edit images for you.
  • - 1 (one) image per member can be entered in the contest; but feel free to post similarly themed images to the other galleries!

  • References:



    Winner (1st place)


    Game Of Thrones Matte by Sergei Musin

    First Runner-up (2nd Place)


    Longbow Hall, the house hunter by Lutz Lehmann

    Second runner-up (3rd place)


    The Wall by ben kauffman

    Other entries:


    Check out all the contest entries here! See how different artist's images were inspired by the contest theme; how they used interesting concepts and what technical challenges they faced. If your image didn't win this time, you can still take away some great ideas that can make the difference for you next time.

    So be prepared for the next contest and challenge the winners!

    Recent Contests:

    Recommended screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (best view: Firefox 3, Safari 4, Chrome 9, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10 or higher).