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Frozen - Ice Challenge - Submit your image

Winter's sweet return has come full-force in some parts of the world and Cornucopia3D would like to announce a new competition for those inspired to delve into the realm of ice-cold landscapes.

Recently we have had numerous beautiful gallery submissions with icy themes and we would love to see what else is possible. Ice is a difficult substance to bring to life in the 3d world, what life can you bring to this silent, slippery, and still material? Will your ice be reflecting something or covered in frosty snow? Will it be the entrance to a cave? Will it be the block of a building, the hat of a Samurai, or a melting plant? We are looking forward to your icy landscapes of wonders.

Take subsurface scattering to the next level and create an image that will make us shiver with delight.

Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

With prizes from Cornucopia3D, e-on software and 7 of Cornucopia3D's top vendors, the 3 winners will receive several hundreds of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

1st place:

First Runner Up:

Second Runner Up:

Winner (1st place)


icebreaker by Lutz Lehmann


Stunning work!!!Congratulations !!! :-)
By Elke Bassler (2015-03-24)

First Runner-up (2nd Place)


Ice planet by SimonZ


Wow, great Job!!!Congratulations !!! :-)
By Elke Bassler (2015-03-24)

Second runner-up (3rd place)


The Polar Bear by John Van den Brempt


Very cute and nicely executed.
By ralf maeder (2015-03-23)
So lovely Scene!!!Congratulations !!! :-)
By Elke Bassler (2015-03-24)

Other entries:


Check out all the contest entries here! See how different artist's images were inspired by the contest theme; how they used interesting concepts and what technical challenges they faced. If your image didn't win this time, you can still take away some great ideas that can make the difference for you next time.

So be prepared for the next contest and challenge the winners!

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