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Cornucopia3D "Making of"


Each week, Cornucopia3D is turning the spotlight on a member of the Vue community. This week, we're happy to discover how Vladislav Skornyakov created his picture 'Cloud Castle'.



Making of Cloud Castle by Vladislav Skornyakov

Creating atmosphere and lighting:

1. The Atmospheric model chosen is spectral Photometric. The parameters of the sun are the following:

2. I chose the following parameters for Light : 

3. For the clouds, I have added four layers of clouds: 

4. Sky, Fog and Haze have been set up like this: 

5. Next, I created a point light source. Here are the settings: 

6. Since I was happy with the setting, it was time to put the Castle on these fluffy clouds. The model itself was taken from DAZ shop. In order to achieve the desired result, I created additional lighting of two lights. One on the right, the other on the left of the Castle. They were configured strictly to aim on the Castle and had no interaction with the other elements of the scene . 

7. I found that in the lower left corner of the picture, the scene was too empty. So I decided to put a strange flying machine. I created an additional light source. This light source operated only on the flying machine. 

The composition of the image is now ready. However, I figured that it would be nicer if I added visible rays from the sun. 

8. I decided to add the rays in Photoshop.

What I did is:

     a. create a duplicate layer of the image,

     b. next apply filter Radial Blur

 с. in the insert Layers, set the parameters, consistently!!!

d. then create a layer mask and work with it, achieving the desired result.


In invite you to chack all the techniques in the tutorial from Geekatplay Studio - " Heavenly Clouds".

Thanks for reading this focus!

Recommended screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (best view: Firefox 3, Safari 4, Chrome 9, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 10 or higher).