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Cornucopia3D "Making of"


This week, Philippe Caine shows us how he created this image for a special project of carousel for children.

Enjoy the reading!


Making of 1950 by Philippe Caine

The creation of this image comes from a request for a creation of a fresco on the theme of the 50s, garages and cars...

The mood of the scene is very cartoonish as this
image will be used for the walls of a carousel for children. This also explains the ratio of this image.
Because of its format, I have used 5 cameras. The images will then be assembled in photoshop.

Concerning the different objects, there are many of them
(2244 and 49 lights), so we need a system that can handle all this ...

The idea is to create perspective and depth. The aerial perspective of the atmosphere, the camera with a 5% blur and a focus on the TEXACO sign help create these effects.


I chose the atmosphere "Tel Aviv" in the browser.

I just changed the color of the clouds and slightly modified the position of the sun.

This atmosphere creates an cartoonish atmosphere with sufficient aerial perspective to strengthen the depth of the image.

For the objects: all textures have been modified, as well as colors to best suit the cartoon effect. 
Luminescence has been enabled for some materials such as neon and signs.

The overall reflectivity is also enabled for many buildings and vehicles to create consistency in color. (between 10 and 40% depending on the materials).

Many objects are illuminated independently to highlight them.
Different images are calculated with different cameras and then are assembled in photoshop.

Sometimes I had to hide some elements that appeared twice on different images (often distant buildings).
I also had to make the proper connections for the roads, buildings ...

Once finished, the image is resampled for large printing.

I'm also adding a second image I made for this project:

We hope you enjoyed the read. Now it's your time to experiment:) 
Please don't hesitate to visit my portfolio.


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