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Product Subscription is a great way to ensure you're always using the latest version of Vue, and it's only available to our Artist version users. We all know that new versions can be really exciting, with new and enhanced features, and we all love to be using the latest, greatest release. We're making this easier for you, and easier on your wallet, with Product Subscription.

With our Product Subscription, and a small monthly payment, you will receive all your product upgrades for free as soon as they are officially released! And the best part is that the total amount you will have ended up paying is far less than the cost of a straight upgrade (up to 50% less, actually)!

Beware: This offer is only available for 30 days after the first activation of your product! So don't let this great opportunity pass you by, enroll now to Product Subscription!

Subscribe today

      1. Register your Vue 2016 Product Licence on your account

      2. Buy your Vue 2017 Product Subscription

And you will get Vue 2017 as soon as it's officially released by e-on software!

These prices reflect C.Club prices.
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Details of the Subscription Program

How does subscription work?

Product Subscription works on a 12-month basis. Each month, for 12 consecutive months, you make a small payment towards the upgrade.

Anticipated Upgrades

In order to receive the upgrade to the next version, you need to pay the 12 installments in full. However, if a new version of VUE is released before you have completed the 12-month subscription cycle, we will send you the upgrade to this new version immediately, without making you wait for the completion of the 12 monthly payments. This is referred to as an anticipated upgrade.

When you receive an anticipated upgrade, you must continue to pay each month until your 12-month subscription is complete. After the end of the 12-month cycle, a new subscription automatically begins and you start paying towards the next upgrade. You can cancel your subscription anytime between the end of the 12-month cycle and the release of the next version of VUE. Any months paid towards the next upgrade will be lost when you cancel, so, should you wish to cancel, we recommend you do so at the end of the 12-month cycle.

What happens if a new version of VUE is not released within the 12-month window?

You are entitled to the upgrade as soon as you have completed the 12 month cycle. If the new version of VUE has not been released by the end of your subscription, you will receive the upgrade at no charge as soon as it ships, whether you continue with a new subscription cycle or you decide to cancel your subscription.

Can I resume a subscription after canceling?

You cannot resume a cancelled subscription. If you cancel your subscription, the only way to get a new subscription is to purchase an upgrade at the standard retail price, and then open a subscription on this product.

How much does it cost, and how much can I save?

The cost will depend on your registered product*:

  • Esprit Subscription: $595/month** (Cost of the upgrade: $7140)
  • Studio Subscription: $895/month** (Cost of the upgrade: $10740)
  • Complete Subscription: $1195/month** (Cost of the upgrade: $14340)

C.Club Members will save an additional $2/month!
  Upgrade to Vue 2017 Esprit Upgrade to Vue 2017 Studio Upgrade to Vue 2017 Complete
Normal price $99 $149 $199
Product Subscription
x                          12
x                          12
x                          12
Product Subscription with
C.Club Member bonus
-   $2/month (C.Club)
x                          12
-   $2/month (C.Club)
x                          12
-   $2/month (C.Club)
x                          12

Can I buy my product now and the Product Subscription later?

Yes, you can! You have a 30 day delay after the initial activation of your product to think about buying a Product Subscription.

What happens if I am under product Subscription but want to move up in the Vue product line?

The system will detect that you changed your product, and will suggest that you change your subscription to fit with your new product. There is no additional charge than the amount of the Product Subscription for your new product. There are 2 options:

  • You can refuse to change your Product Subscription, you continue to pay the same amount and you will receive the product of your unchanged subscription.
  • You can change your Product Subscription, you will pay the amount of the new Product Subscription and you will receive the product of your new subscription.

What happens when I become a C.Club Member, but I am already under a Product Subscription?

The system will automatically detect that you are a C.Club Member during the following automatic payment process and you will benefit from the C.Club saving of $2/month on you Product Subscription.

When does Cornucopia3D process the automatic payment?

The system will attempt to process the automatic payment on the 28th of each month.


*You will need to register your Vue Artist product. The system will automatically assign you to the Product Subscription fitting with your registered product. This registration applies to your initial or first registration of your Vue Artist product.

**You will pay each month to keep your Product Subscription Live. Your account will be billed the 28th of each month. If you cancel your Product Subscription, you will lose all money already paid. If one of your automatic monthly payments is defaulted and you fail to cure this within 30 days, your account will be cancelled. You will lose all money already paid. Restarting a Product Subscription will require the payment of opening fees.

Cornucopia3D Product Subscription payments may not be made using Cornucopia3D vouchers. The Product Subscription can only be purchased using a valid MasterCard or Visa; PayPal is not available for this option due to the automatic renewal.

You won't receive a download after purchasing your Cornucopia3D Product Subscription; the Product Subscription will be automatically registered in your account; our system will track the type of Product Subscription you have.

If you are enrolling to Product Subscription in order to receive a discount on a product, you agree to keep your subscription active for a minimum of 12 months by paying any related monthly fees and understand that the validity of your product licenses will be contingent upon your observance of this requirement.

Please note: Subscriptions can only be started on current products. For example, Vue 10 to Vue 11 Product Subscriptions can not be started after the release of Vue 11. The Vue 10 Product must have been activated and subscription started PRIOR to the release of Vue 11.

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